Sound Strider Intrepid Travels

Sound Strider – Intrepid Travels

Sound Strider aka Sam Waks is an electronic artist with a truly underground ethos and approach. He got a taste for touring at a young age travelling the world with his father Nathan who was a principal cellist of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and played the drums for various bands before discovering the sonic possibilities of electronics.  He quickly rose to be a prominent member of the Nu Skool Breaks scene in Sydney supporting the likes of Atomic Hooligan, Chris Carter and Bass Kleph, playing club nights and expanding to music production and engineering.

He had also developed a strong interest in the Australian doof scene fusing his breakbeat roots with the psychedelic sounds of the bush and becoming an early proponent of the Psybreaks genre as a member of the Elixir collective. Another foolhardy mission he embarked on was to convert a 19th century agricultural ruin in France into a recording studio and cultural venue, where the acclaimed debut album ‘Howlin’ by Jagwar Ma was eventually recorded as well as playing host to such diverse talents as the Midnight Juggernaughts, Demi Portion, Christopher Hogwood and Uffie. On the DJing and production front his years in France brought the discovery of the thriving underground Free Tekno scene where he has played at countless gatherings ranging from 30000+ week long teknivals to 50 man all nighters in abandoned chateaus. He has also hosted events at his property with scene luminaries such as Nawak and Triphase.

His ‘Intrepid Travels’ EP  is the culmination of this eclectic voyage across the electronic seas. Producing a unique melange of haute sonique from only the finest waveforms, these 5 exceptional tunes seem hand picked from the data forests and lovingly blended with precision and flair. ‘Betoniere’ sounds like a bunch of heavy construction-site workers gathered on a midnight tribal drum circle. Lucious, industrial styled tune with some clever bark sampling! ‘Limit’ also stands out, with its irresistible rhythm section with bass-enriched spacey electronics. ‘Childhood’s End’ is another sonic traveller; this one sounds like Roy Ayers was trapped in a spaceship, jamming from another wilkyway with menacing digital voices.  As Sound Strider fittingly states, this is ‘Pure psychedelic ethno-trigga funk for the information generation‘. Amen!

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