Klassik Young Rising Phenoms

Klassik – Young Rising Phenoms

Klassik is another cool guy I’ve been listening to lately, you might remember him from the review of his debut ‘In the Making’ from my previous blog. For his latest LP entitled ‘Young Rising Phenoms’ he collaborated with up and coming artists Lili K, B~Free, Mr. Wilder and THEM People to deliver his finest work yet.

‘Haunts Me’ is the opener with powerful, menacing vocals and a cool music production foreshadowing the impressive vibes of the album. ‘This Is That New!’ has a liquid and playful beat and some cool rhymes; an excellent antidote to ‘everything sounding the same’. ‘Light’ is another tune that definitely stands out with its aetherial 70s mood beat, an excellent single that deserves radio air-play as does ‘#KeepitKlassik’ a hashtag banger is a major ear’s delight with some impressive rapping as well – more agressive than Klassik’s usual delivery style. And of course, ‘Boogie’ featured above is a get-you-on boogie woogie masterpiece.

With this album Klassik seems to have defined his soun d. Loosely but not focused on his jazz and piano skills and with more menacing beats and lyrics, he’s a welcome breath of fresh air for hip-hop enthusiasts.

Check out his album here.