Radio Fallout Vox E Tenebris

Radio Fallout – Vox e Tenebris

In 2008 Caleb Scates decided to quit his job in Cincinnati Ohio and drive across country in a car leaking brake fluid and coolant to form an alternative rock band in Austin, Texas. Weeks after the move Scates met Jonathan Palmer and Dan Walker. The trio formed Radio Fallout, rehearsed vigorously through the beginning of 2009 and played their first show at the end of April. The cooler fall months saw the group set out to record their first collection of songs at Wonderland Studios in south Austin. The Mondegreen EP was released in March of 2010 and its’ warm reception lead to a publishing deal with Los Angeles based K and W Publishing as well as signing a booking deal with the Bandwidth Agency. Their debut album is scheduled for release in September and it is a breathless outpouring of intensity soundtracked by brash riffs and driving rhythm sections you simply must check-out. Soulfully fierce but sweet and honestly sung there’s not a moment wasted in it.