Disastroid Money and Guilt

Disastroid – Money and Guilt

Disastroid‘s sound is a sluggish riff-fest supplemented by powerful vocals and head-bangin stoner flavour. Heavy and real, yet many of the songs find a fine balance between hardness and softness that keeps the mood flowing smoothly. While their sound can be reminiscent to some of the heroes of 90’s rock (Melvins, Rollins Band, Jesus Lizard, Soundgarden, etc.), the band has a hard time labeling their work. Frontman Enver Koneya assembled Disastroid in San Francisco from spare parts he found on Craigslist. After recording an EP on his own, Travis Williams jumped on board taking over the bass chair. Travis has had great influence on the direction of the group and over the past three years he and Enver have prolifically written and recorded three albums, most recently with Braden McGraw on drums. Since their inception Disatroid has been busy. In addition to recording the group has been gaining fans steadily as they perform along the west coast. They’ve also managed to amass a devoted following in their home base of San Francisco, a city which tends to be oriented toward the clinically critical and the cynically hipster. They were recently featured in Thrasher Magazine and have accumulated tons of local and national attention. On Disastroid’s horizon is a tour to the Pacific Northwest to support of the release of “Money and Guilt”.This is quality Heavy, you can’t help being dragged away by it.