5 Things You Never Noticed on ‘The Wire’

The Wire has such a replay value you can watch it countless times and still notice little details and relationships. These four took us a long time to notice.

kenard kills omar

1. Kenard was the little kid playing Omar on the streets

After Omar’s bust on a Barksdale stash goes wrong, there’s a bunch of kids playing on the streets. The one that shouts ‘It’s my turn to be Omar’ was actually Kenard, the one who eventually killed him.

the wire ring owners

2. Old Face Andre's ring travels around

Remember the ring Marlo jacked from Old Face Andre? The one that had sentimental value? It gets it’s share of owners all right.

Rawls gay the wire

3. Rawls was gay (maybe)

He made some exceptionally nasty points from time to time. And yet, Rawls can be seen sitting on the bench in a gay bar while Lamar makes his exit in his search for Omar.

4. Cheese is Randy's father.

As David Simon revealed in an interview, Cheese is actually Randy’s father. Both are adressed with their surname at some point on the show so, that’s that.

Dexter reference in The Wire

5. There's a 'Dexter' reference

After Michael kills Snoop, he bursts into his house to find Dukie watching ‘Dexter’.