20 Best Hip-Hop Samurai Songs

A collection of favorite hip-hop songs with samurai references. Fans will recognize these classic tunes from Afro Samurai, Ghost Dog and Samurai Champloo.

samurai champloo hip-hop samurai

Nujabes ft. Shing02 - Battlecry

The mind-blowing intro theme from Samurai Champloo. A powerful, grimy lo-fi beat.

ghost dog hip-hop samurai

RZA - Raise your Sword Ιnstrumental

The extended version of the incredible movie intro. RZA at his best. All the instrumental passages created for the actual film were released as a Japan exclusive LP.


nujabes hip-hop samurai

Nujabes - Just Forget

A sweet and mellow instrumental with an amazing sample of  the Blossoms’ track  ‘Just Remember‘, also referenced in the title. (Duh)

samurai champloo hip-hop samurai

Force of Nature - Vagrancy

Another edgy, badass instrumental from Samurai Champloo. It begins right after the firefly samurai draws his sword to face off Jin, inside the bamboo forest. Meanwhile Mugen faces Oniwakamaru in another setting.

Afro hip-hop samurai

RZA - Afros Father Fight

Afro Samurai’s old man got the Funk! This incredible instrumental played during his fight with Justice at the very beggining of  the first episode of ‘Afro Samurai’. I guess the style also makes sense metaphorically, in the way that Hip-Hop reinvented originated from Funk music.


RZA hip-hop samurai

RZA - Flying Birds

Another great beat from RZA, playing while Ghost Dog trains the pigeons on the roof. Dark and minimal trademark production by RZA. A well known favorite among wU FANS.

force of nature hip-hop samurai

Force of Nature - Sneak Chamber

This amazing track heavily resembles – an homage perhaps?- the legendary “Apache” by the Incredible Bongo Band, but actually samples classic R&B group The Blackbyrds. It ‘s played during Jin and Mugen’s first ever face off before the tea house is set on fire and they embark on their journey with Fuu.


samurai champloo graffiti

Force of Nature , Nujabes , Fat Jon & MINMI - Hiji Suru Style

Love the grooves on this one. Very uplifting beat, played during the afterhours graffiti raid on Samurai Champloo. Amazing energy!

nujabes hip-hop samurai

Nujabes - Mystline

How peaceful is this Nujabes song? Such ethereal piano sounds that give out vibes of universal tranquility.


Ghost Dof hip-hop samurai

RZA - Samurai Theme

Another astonishing RZA instrumental, playing as Ghost Dog finishes meditading and begins his training with the sword. Classic scene and tune!

hip-hop samurai samurai champloo

Midicronica - San Francisco

Japanese Hip-Hop group Midicronica hit some amazing vibes on this stunning song. It’s played during the ending scene of Samurai Champloo and really sets up an atmosphere.


samurai champloo

Force of Nature , Nujabes , Fat Jon & MINMI - Nightshift

A breathtaking track by Force of Nature, travelling throught the Afro-Fusion galaxy and combining elements from Funk, Bongo and R&B. Shakey stuff.

samurai champloo weed

Force of Nature - Paranoid

Played during the scene after Fuu is about to get her finger chopped off, this amazing tune perfectly encapsulates the tense and heavy atmosphere. OK, even if you haven’t seen the scene you can tell it’s a bit stealthy and creepy right?

force of nature departure

Nujabes - The space between two world

Jazzy and gentle tune with mind-blowing sampling of Bossa nova guitar hero Toninho Horta.

Tsutchie -Pretending To

Tsutchie -Pretending To...

Awesome song by Tsutchie with a seriously stoned-out, lazy bassline.

samurai champloo sunflower samurai

Force of Nature - Mist

Force of Natyre really set the bar high. This foggy instrumental makes you nod your head in approval and has a very strong Jazz feeling to it.

sonny valerio

RZA - Gangsters Theme

Can a beat really be more minimal and down-to-the-bone that this? Yet another RZA masterpiece. It really builds up a tension and suspense in the movie, playing in the background when Ghost Dog makes eye contact with Sonny Valerio driving through. Yeah, you know it’s on.

hip-hop samurai

Tsutchie - Raw Material

One more Funky jam from Samurai Champloo notably used at the Van Gogh(!) episode.

Force of Nature - New Dimension

Force of Nature - New Dimension

Another banger instrumental by Force of Nature, this time infused with what I perceiveas an ’80s Electronica twist.

afro samurai arch nemesis

Ace & Moe Rock - Arch Nemesis

Fabulous song, the instrumental is featured in ‘Afro Samurai: Resurrection’ and is one of the few that made it to the soundtrack. Sadly there are many more that never saw the light of day.