10 songs missing from the Blues Brothers Soundtrack

Backed by the Stax rhythm section of Cropper and Dunn, the Blues Brothers movie is a popular culture landmark.

However, many of the incedible songs in the movie were not included in the official soundtrack. most-def.net picks up the best among the rest.

blues brothers stand by your man

Blues Brothers Band - Stand By Your Man

Performed by the Blues Brothers Band at ‘Bobs Country Bunker’, this song was exluded from the soundtrack and became the subject of a lawsuit by original creator Tammy Wynette who thought her classic was being destroyed.

blues brothers sam and dave

Sam & Dave - Soothe Me

It’s dark and inside the Bluesmobile there’s an eight-track tape player crudely installed where an AM radio used to be. It’s Sam & Dave’s ‘Greatest Hits’ and ‘Soothe Me‘ blares through the car door speakers.

blues brothers chez paul

Joseph Lanner - Die Romantiker

Josef Lanner’s most well known composision ‘Die Romantiker‘ serves as the background music to the hilarious scenes that take place in ‘Chez Paul’ when Jake and Elwood test the patience of top maitre Mr.Fabulous.

blues brothers hold on I'm coming

Sam & Dave - Hold On I'm Coming

The Sam and Dave classic is playing as the two cops are checking Elwood’s license on ‘SCMODS’ and he drives off to kickstart the most soulful and destructive car chase ever. The Dixie Square Mall where the shooting took place ended up suing Universal over $87,500 for failing to “return the mall to its original condition, as agreed.”

blues brothers Boogie Chillen

John Lee Hooker - Boogie Chillen

Another John Lee Hooker standard, ‘Boogie Chillen’ is playing while the Blues Brothers reach Bobs Country Bunker.

blues brothers let the good times roll

Louis Jordan - Let The Good Times Roll

Elwood welcomes Jake to his hotel room and puts on this song on the turntable. The warm voice of Louis Jordan singing ‘Let The Good Times Roll‘ echoes in the room as trains are passing by so often you don’t even notice them.

blues brothers maxwell street

John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom

Jake and Elwood travel down Maxwell Street to locate the now-settled Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy and ‘Blue’ Lou Marini . Outside the Soul Food Cafe there’s a Blues band led by the infamous John Lee Hooker performing ‘Boom Boom‘ for the gathering crowd on the streets of Chicago.

10 songs missing from the Blues Brothers Soundtrack

Fats Domino - I'm Walking

This uplifting Fats Domino oldie is playing on the people gathering montage for the final Blues Brothers gig at the ‘Palace Hotel Ballroom’.

bob's country bunker

Kitty Wells - Your Cheating Heart

Playing when Jake and Elwood enter ‘Bob’s Country Bunker’, impersonating ‘the Good Ole Boys’. Soon enough the bartender drops the bomb. Ouch!

blues brothers curtis

Elmore James - Shake Your Moneymaker

While at St.Helen’s Orphanage, Jake and Elwood meet with Curtis, their Janitor and childhood mentor, about the trouble the Orphanage is in. Elmore Jame’s classic ‘Shake Your Moneymaker‘ is fittingly playing in the background as we gaze on the framed photo of Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X and John and Robert Kennedy.